Fun Friday: The Standoff

In today’s “Fun Friday” post, I’m featuring a pretty common sight. It seems that birds, typically vultures and some wading birds, like to come in close to where alligators are sunning and engage in a “stare-down” with each other. So far, I’ve not seen an alligator take one of these birds, but I’m sure it […]

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A Hike to “The Deep Hole”

During the first full day of my recent trip in Myakka River State Park, I got up early and headed to the park office to grab one of the cherished “backwoods permits”. The park has an undeveloped, wilderness area and only allows 30 people per day to hike into this pristine area. After obtaining my […]

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Black Vultures

One of the most common birds found in Myakka River State Park is the Black Vulture. Usually in groups, they are very interesting and curious birds. As I visited Deep Hole to photograph the gators, the vultures became interested in me and one-by-one, they began to fly across Deep Hole, near where I was located. […]

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