Beautiful ‘Greenies’

Today’s post features an image I captured on one of the Squaw Creek NWR (now called Loess Bluffs NWR) pools, in northwest Missouri, a few years ago. Mallard drakes (males) are brilliantly colored when you can find them in good light. These Mallard drakes were cruising one of the refuge pools in beautiful, early morning […]

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Northern Shovelers

From a few years ago at Squaw Creek NWR in northwest Missouri, these Northern Shoveler ducks (Anas clypeata) were photographed as they were resting/feeding during the spring migration. In this first image, you can see a couple of the colorful drakes (males): And nearby, were a couple of hens (females): Always fun to watch them […]

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Fun Friday: Wood Ducklings

When reviewing my 2012 images for a fun image for today’s “Fun Friday” post, I found this image of a pair of Wood Duckling¬† (Aix sponsa) that I made from a kayak back in May … in fact, this was one of my last kayak adventures at this area this year, as the drought eventually […]

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