When Rainouts Are Fun!

Well, the first day in Rocky Mountain National Park has concluded. And the weatherman was correct … rain, rain, rain! :o) May sound like a lousy day, but it actually was a very rewarding day, despite the recurring rain showers. Arriving at Moraine Park (a wonderful place to photograph elk inside the Park) about a […]

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Fun Friday: And in the Beginning …

(This post originally posted in May 2007, and began my tradition of posting a funny or fun-related post for Fridays … a little lighthearted look at things as we enter our weekends) With today being Friday, I decided it is time to have a little fun! This post has a few of my “fun images”, […]

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Fun Friday: Built-in Back Scratcher

This image surfaced when I was going through my library of Rocky Mountain National Park (Colorado) images last week:       As I photographed a herd of nearby elk, this bull, who had been resting (must have had a rough night of collecting his harem!) began scratching his back with his nice antlers.   […]

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Fun Friday: I’m Turning Right

Today’s Fun Friday post comes from a trip to Rocky Mountain National Park (Colorado) a couple of years ago. It’s really quite amazing what you can catch with a camera if you closely watch your subject’s behaviors and are ready for that momentary “goofiness”. This young bull elk (Cervus elaphus) looks as if he has […]

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Another Fun Friday!

Time to reach back into the archives for another Fun Friday! This image was made a couple of years ago in Rocky Mountain National Park (Colorado). This young bull elk really has two ears … his left ear is bent backwards so it looks like he only has one ear … Or, is he just […]

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