A Whooping Good Time

As previously noted, I was very pleasantly surprised to find a single Whooping Crane (Grus americanus) along the Platte River. The Whooping Crane is a very rare and endangered bird, numbering less than 300. Through extensive conservation efforts, their numbers are rebounding (although very slowly) from their all-time low of less than 50 birds back […]

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Mixed Company

Today’s blog post is my first from the Platte River in central Nebraska. Yesterday was my first day of shooting along the Platte River and I awoke at 4:30am to get an early start to a blind I had reserved a spot in, along the Platte River. The weather forecast for Tuesday morning included the […]

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Fun Friday: Booming Birdie

Today’s Fun Friday post comes from a prairie located in north-central Missouri, where a small group of Greater Prairie Chickens (Tympanuchus cupido) reside. For several years, I have been a tour guide for the Missouri Department of Conservation and the Nature Conservancy, leading groups to a covered blind when the prairie chickens are actively seeking […]

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Barney and Friends

Today, I’m going to share some recent images of the Barn Owl (Tyto alba)  family that resides nearby. On my first visit to the farm, I climbed the ladder to one of the grain bins and was able to see two young owls, along with one of the adults, inside the grain bin. Upon descending […]

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