Fun Friday: You Lookin’ at Me?

During last weekend’s art festival in downtown Stillwater, Oklahoma, my booth was directly in front of the Oklahoma State University’s (OSU) Museum of Art. On both sides of the entrance to the museum, were flower beds that contained very colorful violas. To go one step further, these colorful little beauties appeared to be tiny faces […]

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American Lotus (Re-post)

(This post originally published in July, 2010) – Note: Due to the Midwest drought, I was unable to kayak and photograph the American Lotus here this year … hopefully, I will be able to in 2013 :o) I’m going to highlight the American Lotus (Nelumbo lutea) in this post. The area where I kayak in […]

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Another New Find

During my woodland wildflower hikes a couple of weeks ago, I found this “lifer” at the edge of a pasture, next to the woods:         After doing a little research, I discovered this is the Violet Wood Sorrel (Oxalis violacea). This 5-petaled beauty is a bit different from a lot of the […]

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