Fun Friday: Siesta Time!

While at the La Paz harbor, waiting for our skiffs to arrive, I ran upon this tired fisherman who was taking a siesta break at his boat … or was it one too many cervezas?

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Back to Baja!

With the American White Pelican posts completed (if you missed any of them, you can click on these 3 links to catch up on these beautiful visitors to our local lake:  “Fun Friday: Contortionist Bird“, “You Know the Migration is On Whenever …“, and “White Pelicans in Flight“), today’s post gets back to my recent […]

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Fun Friday: A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss, but a Boat?

Today’s Fun Friday post comes from the Petersburg, Alaska, small boat harbor. As we were boarding our jetboat for our cruise to LeConte Glacier, I couldn’t help but notice this neglected boat. I wondered, as we walked past, if the owner was just a bit uninspired to keep it in good condition, or if the […]

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Petersburg Small Boat Harbor

Today’s post includes some images I made around the Petersburg small boat harbor. Not really nature photography, but another love of mine … shooting scenics around small harbors, but Petersburg has some interesting sights. So, I’ll share some images of this area today, then we’ll move on to what we really came to Alaska for […]

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