HaHa Tonka State Park

(This post originally published in November 2010) Today’s post deviates a bit from my typical posts. Last week, I spent a few days in south-central Missouri, at a very interesting place … HaHa Tonka State Park. This park is located in the Lake of the Ozarks region and is 3,679 acres in size. The park […]

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Wildflowers of Crater Lake

As we left Crater Lake, walking down the trail, we came upon 3 wildflowers that we had not seen around Maroon Lake. The first one was one of my favorites, Blue Columbine, a beautiful but dainty-looking wildflower:       The next one we found was Indian Paintbrush, which grew in small clumps in one […]

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Fun Friday: “You Tourists are Boring Me!”

Today’s “Fun Friday” post comes from along the Crater Lake Trail, in Colorado’s Maroon Bells area. As Adam and I hiked back down the mountain from Crater Lake, we had this cute little Pika that was very patient with us, sitting on a rock, watching us, and yawning! Here is a sequence that shows the […]

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Mountain Climbing, Anyone?

One of the surprises Adam and I found along the Crater Lake Trail was totally unexpected. As we hiked the trail, we had just come across an area where several pikas were scurrying among the loose rocks (“A ‘Life’ Mammal … On Top of the Mountain”). We decided it would be best to find a […]

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Hiking to Crater Lake

A couple of days after arriving at Maroon Bells, my good friend Adam Jack (aka @wildobs, for all you Twitter followers) joined me for a couple of days. We had a blast, hiking around Maroon Bells Lake and hiking through some of the area meadows/woodlands, as we searched out interesting wildlife. But our highlight was […]

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Breakfast of Champions!

During my frequent meadow hikes in the Maroon Bells area of Colorado, I came upon quite a nice patch of wild blueberries! I didn’t eat any, but was so tempted to pick a handful for a tasteful snack … but I refrained so that the local critters could have them!       The foliage […]

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