Beauty in the Snow

As it quickly sinks in that winter has hit Missouri, the Eastern Bluebirds (our state bird) were very active around my rural home. Here are a few images I captured, from the warmth and comfort of my bedroom window :o) I always enjoy photographing our wonderful state bird! Photo Equipment Used: Canon 7D body Canon […]

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Brrrr, Feels Like …

Brrr, with the recent arctic air hitting us, it almost feels like: … winter in Yellowstone! Haven’t heard the overnight low yet, but was forecast to be ~ -6-8F, quite cold for Missouri! And with this post, I’m back online. When our winter storm went through Friday/Saturday, we received a good coating of ice, followed […]

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A Berg is Born!

Today’s Post was taken while visiting LeConte Glacier (Alaska). Glaciers are continuously on the move, as they wind down the mountainside. This movement, although so very small, causes the terminal end of the glacier to periodically crack and fall from the glacier. This process is called “calving”. For anyone who has never witnessed a glacier […]

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