Fun Friday: Strictly Speaking

Today’s Fun Friday post comes from the small community of Kake, Alaska. When we hiked to the salmon hatchery (to look for black bears), I found this interesting sign posted at the hatchery:     On Monday, I continue with our Alaska Adventure, sharing another group of sea mammals that surrounded our boat as we […]

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Kake, Alaska

When I discovered the un-posted photos for yesterday’s Humpback Whale post, I also found some more images of the small village of Kake, Alaska. This is a very, very small village, located along the Inside Passage, about halfway between Petersburg and Sitka. As we hiked the main (and only?) road in town, heading toward the […]

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Kake (but I wouldn’t eat it!)

After a short visit to the Brothers Islands’ Steller sea lion haulout beach, we made our way to Kake. Kake is a very small and old fishing village … not much there. But those kind of places are fun to visit! We stopped at Kake to check out the local fish hatchery. During this time […]

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