Anemones (pronounced uh NEHM uh nee) … that is the subject of today’s post. Quite colorful little marine (sea) invertebrates, best found at low tides or in rocky coves along the shoreline. While at “A Seaside Adventure”, I took a kayak trip one day and a casual skiff ride another. During our outings, just outside […]

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Upon conclusion of my September Alaska journey to photograph the great Alaskan Coastal Brown Bears (coastal grizzlies), I also spent a couple of days with my friends Rick and Dorla, who own and operate “A Seaside Adventure” and is located across the bay from Homer, in the very picturesque Little Tutka Bay. One of my […]

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Oysters, Anyone?

Whenever I get the opportunity to visit Homer, Alaska I always try to visit some good friends who have a kayaking camp in Little Tutka Bay, which is ~ 12 miles across the water from Homer. When I visit my friends, I always go kayaking around the many little islands in the area. During one of my visits, we were pleasantly surprised […]

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