Fun Friday: Dazed & Confused

Today’s post features a couple of images I captured this morning as I was preparing some other images for today’s blog post. As I worked at the computer, I looked up and noticed that this “new butterfly species” (a male American Goldfinch … does he think he is a butterfly???) was busy feeding on purple […]

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The Wild Bergamot

Yesterday morning, I conducted a “Wildflower Photography Workshop” on a local, Missouri prairie. One of the many highlights (more posts will feature other encounters we had) was the patches of Wild Bergamot (Monarda fistulosa). Wild Bergamot is also known as Monarda, or bee balm, and is a familiar flower to gardeners. Monarda flowers have a […]

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Today’s post includes some more wildflowers found on my spring 2012 wildflower trek in southeast Missouri. This was a new wildflower for me. I narrowed this down to a Monarda species, and believe it to be Monarda russeliana, or more commonly called “Wild Bergamot” or “Horsemint” (Identification correction is always welcomed!). This flower was just […]

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