A Touristy Look at Petersburg, Alaska

(I’m at the Lee’s Summit Art Festival today, meeting more wonderful nature-lovers and displaying my artwork. If you live in the Kansas City area, please stop by and say “Hi”, and we can talk nature! In my absence, please enjoy an encore of my “Petersburg Small Boat Harbor” post, which originally published in October 2011) […]

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No Sharing Going On Here!

Shortly after leaving Frederick Sound, we arrived in Petersburg, Alaska (where we had started our trip a few days earlier). Our stop here was only for a couple of hours, so that we could get some supplies for the remainder of the trip. Several of the guests on the Delphinus walked into town to do […]

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Fun Friday: A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss, but a Boat?

Today’s Fun Friday post comes from the Petersburg, Alaska, small boat harbor. As we were boarding our jetboat for our cruise to LeConte Glacier, I couldn’t help but notice this neglected boat. I wondered, as we walked past, if the owner was just a bit uninspired to keep it in good condition, or if the […]

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Petersburg Small Boat Harbor

Today’s post includes some images I made around the Petersburg small boat harbor. Not really nature photography, but another love of mine … shooting scenics around small harbors, but Petersburg has some interesting sights. So, I’ll share some images of this area today, then we’ll move on to what we really came to Alaska for […]

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Fun Friday: “Li’l Bobbers Welcome”

Today’s Fun Friday post comes courtesy of the Petersburg, Alaska harbor. While in Petersburg, waiting for the photo workshop to begin, I wandered the harbor area several times for photo opps … I absolutely love to photograph harbors! Anyway, I found this rather unique sign and thought it would be a great Fun Friday post.  […]

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