Dragonfly Bubblebath

Yesterday morning, I posted on a dew-covered Cicada. Today’s post features another dew-covered critter I found on that wonderful morning, a dew-covered Dragonfly in the prairie grass. Besides the wonderful photo opps of such a find, the dragonfly is essentially “helpless”, allowing you to move around quite easily and take a lot of photos, from […]

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Fun Friday: Reflections of Nature

Today’s Fun Friday post is not a funny or cute photo, like they often are. Rather, it is just a “fun” photo that I enjoyed making while photographing at the Lee Metcalf NWR in SW Montana. Reflections always captivate me and I was really mesmerized, not only by the reflections of the cattails in the […]

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More Images from the Prairie Meadow (Re-post)

(This post originally published in August, 2010) Continuing from yesterday’s post of recent images from my nearby prairie meadow (if you missed that post, click on this link: Yesterday in the¬†Prairie Meadow), today’s post has a few wildflowers and an¬†interesting critter I ran across. As you may recall, there was an extremely heavy dew that […]

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Early Morning Dewdrops

During my recent Prairie State Park photo trip, I was greeted in the early morning hours with glistening dewdrops on the prairie grasses. In this first image, I was able to capture the dewdrop with a glistening starburst, always an interesting opportunity:   In this second image, not only did I capture a starburst, but […]

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Hiking to Crater Lake

A couple of days after arriving at Maroon Bells, my good friend Adam Jack (aka @wildobs, for all you Twitter followers) joined me for a couple of days. We had a blast, hiking around Maroon Bells Lake and hiking through some of the area meadows/woodlands, as we searched out interesting wildlife. But our highlight was […]

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