One of My ‘Tenants’

Today’s post comes from my rural Missouri home. While working around my back deck the other day, this brilliantly-colored Five-lined Skink was moving about, sunning on the exterior wall of my basement: I’ve seen a lot of these beautiful lizards this summer. Always a treat to see the summer sun glistening off their colorful tails! […]

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Beautifully Dangerous

  Caution Ophidiophobics: This post contains snake images!!! If you don’t like snakes, please steer away from this post; tomorrow’s post will be something a bit more to your liking!   On my early morning therapeutic hike yesterday, I ran upon a Copperhead snake (Agkistrodon contortrix) that was lying on the gravel road. It looked […]

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Don’t Mess With Me!

Back in May, I visited nearby Marais des Cygnes Wildlife Area, in eastern Kansas. As I drove around a large pool of water, I came upon a large Snapping Turtle that was crossing the road. I quickly pulled over and got out to capture a few images of this large reptile: These guys can get […]

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Just A Little Bull

After leaving Glacier National Park, I traveled south to the Missoula, Montana area. On the way, I stopped and drove the 16-mile auto tour route of the National Bison Range. The National Bison Range is a National Wildlife Refuge located in western Montana established in 1908 to provide a sanctuary for the American bison, and […]

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Faster Than A Speeding Bullet!

While on my recent camping trip to the bootheel area of Missouri, I ran upon this small fence lizard (species unknown) while photographing woodland wildflowers near my campgound:       While photographing him, I decided to try to grab some video. Here is a short clip of the little guy. Watch his extreme speed […]

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Having a Grumpy Monday?

… so is this guy!           I don’t think I’ve ever seen a rattlesnake photo where the snake looks even remotely friendly!  This Western Diamondback Rattlesnake (Crotalus atrox) was no exception. I found this guy, a few years ago, at the prairie dog town that is located in the Wichita Mountains […]

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Don’t Box Me In

Today’s post once again comes from the local prairie meadow. In the last couple of posts, I shared some Spiderwort & Bumblee images and some Pale Purple Coneflower images. Today’s post leaves the flora world and moves into the fauna realm. As I was leaving the meadow, I walked out of the meadow and down […]

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Soaking Up the Sun

Today’s post includes a couple of images of a Diamondback Water Snake (Nerodia rhombifera) that I came upon during one of my kayak outings. The Diamondback is a non-venomous water snake, but is purported to have a vicious bite when defending itself. So my advice … don’t try to pick one up! One of my […]

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