Pack Creek (Photo Workshop Day 2), Part 2

In the previous trip post, we had just reached Pack Creek, our destination for photographing brown bears. Once we got anchored in the bay, we all grabbed our photo equipment, loaded into the skiff, and headed to shore. Pack Creek has 2 viewing areas: a viewing tower that you can climb and get a bird’s-eye […]

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Pack Creek (Photo Workshop Day 2), Part 1

After experiencing the wonderful whale experiences of Day 1, what would Day 2 bring us? Well, at the end of the first day, we found a sheltered cove to anchor for the evening. Wasn’t too sure about our overnight … the Captain told us we were anchoring in “Last Chance Bay” … that will make […]

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How to Build an Otter Nursery

A while back, I posted on a Northern River Otter (Lutra canadensis) that I saw while kayaking “My Kayaking Friends“. What I didn’t tell you was “the rest of the story”. I needed some more time to do some research before laying out the complete scenario, as well as being tight-lipped until trapping season was concluding. Now that the research is […]

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My Kayaking Friends!

In addition to the ducks I’ve been photographing from the kayak, I also have met a couple of mammals. Raccoons (Procyon lotor) are pretty common at the spots I like to kayak. In fact, early this summer I should be able to photograph moms with kits as they teach the little ones the art of foraging at the water’s […]

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New Species!

Yesterday’s outing in the kayak was a a very memorable occasion, for several reasons. First, it was darned cold sitting in the water! The air temperature was hovering at 25°F, with a slight wind chill (guess my kayak outing days are numbered for the remainder of 2011). Secondly, the recent beaver activity at this location (it […]

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