Old Man of the Mountain

Today’s featured subject is the Old Man of the Mountain wildflower (Rydbergia grandiflora), also known as the alpine sunflower, or Rydbergia. These sunflowers stay low to the ground (up to about 10 inches), with flowers that are 2-4 inches wide. They typically bloom in July and August in the alpine landscape. The one interesting thing […]

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Similar, but Different

A couple more inhabitants of Echo Lake were observed during our brief stop. The Colorado Chipmunk (Tamias quadrivittatus):       and the Golden-mantled Ground Squirrel (Spermophilus lateralis):         I hope I got the ID’s right on these two mammals! As you can see, there clearly is a difference in the stripe […]

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Duck Attack!

When we left Maroon Bells (Colorado), we headed through Independence Pass (quite a journey in itself! … hitting low visibility and heavy snow showers at the peak … and a view straight down the mountainside!) on our way to Mount Evans. Once we reached our turnoff to head up to Mount Evans, we drove a […]

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Busy As A Bee

While hiking some meadows in the Maroon Bells area of Colorado, I came upon a nice patch of thistles, and several Bumble Bees that were busy nectar hunting:         These images were made in mid-September. The nighttime temperatures were downright cold, but you could count on seeing these guys busy at work […]

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Rocky Mountain Beauty

This beauty was found in a small patch of wildflowers, growing down the pathway from where yesterday’s images of the Maroon Bells were taken:         At first glance, I wasn’t sure what this wildflower was, but resembled the Columbine. An ID search later confirmed this indeed was a Columbine. I’ve seen lots […]

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For Whom the (Maroon) Bells Toll

Today’s images were made in the Maroon Bells area of the Colorado Rockies.  We stopped in this area and camped for a couple of days, while returning home from the late summer Alaska photo workshop I led aboard the Delphinus:   Our “home” during the Maroon Bells visit:       Maroon Bells, shortly after […]

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