It’s About That Time!

With temperatures getting colder next week and winter knocking on our door, it’s about time for Bald Eagles and Short-eared Owls to again take residence in Missouri for the winter. In fact, I saw an adult eagle soaring over a field near my home just a week or so ago. And yesterday, a good friend […]

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A Few More From Sunday’s Short-Eared Owl Party

Today’s images round out my recent trip to SW Missouri to photograph Short-Eared Owls that are wintering at a couple of Missouri prairies. Once the sun was very low in the sky, the owls began their evening assault on the prairie as they hunted:             Even had one owl take […]

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Short-Eared Owl Party

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post of the Snowy Owl, I had a wonderful evening Sunday with the Short-Eared Owls (Asio flammeus) at Shawnee Trail Conservation Area, in southwest, Missouri. The number of owls were down from my last visit there, in early January. I suspect that some of the owls may have moved, based […]

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Ending the Year with a Bang!

Last Friday morning, I headed out with the car loaded with photo equipment and winter clothing. Destination … short-eared owl country! You might have seen my post a few weeks ago about my first encounter with this migrant bird (Short-eared Owls!). I had enjoyed my time with these little owls so much that I decided […]

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Short-Eared Owls!

Last Saturday, I took a day trip to southwestern Missouri for an interesting program (“Birds of Prey Field ID Tips”) at Prairie State Park, followed by a field trip to nearby Shawnee Trail Conservation Area. The program was sponsored by the Missouri Prairie Foundation (of which I am a 2-year member) and conducted by a […]

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