Acrobatic Humpbacks of Baja!

(This post originally published shortly after my 2009 photo trip to Baja) My recent Baja posts primarily focused on the Grey Whales of Laguna San Ignacio. When we left this area, we ran upon a pod of ~12 Humpback Whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) that began breaching, tail lobbing, and fin slapping, non-stop, for well over 30 […]

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A Whale of a Day, Part 2

Yesterday I introduced the Alaskan Humpback Whales to you. Today’s post is a continuation of yesterday’s post, but featuring some fun behaviors that you can sometimes find with humpbacks. In yesterday’s post, you will remember that the skies turned a very gray color, with lots of clouds, yielding a very “black-and-whitish” look to most of […]

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