Fall Beauty

I’m making my way back through some of my 2017 images for some new things I hadn’t yet posted. One that caught my eye was this image I captured in mid October, at a friend’s butterfly garden near Paola, Kansas. When photographing there, I was immediately drawn to the vivid color of the Celosia flowers […]

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Bonus Find in the Meadow

As I headed out for the short drive to the local, natural prairie yesterday morning, I first saw that there was a heavy dew … that always makes for an interesting morning on the prairie! As I drove a short distance, fog was rolling in. Unfortunately, I left my landscape lens at home … but […]

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A Beauty on the Prairie

Images from today’s post comes from Prairie State Park in southwestern Missouri. I photographed there for 2+ days in early October and had a great time chasing prairie creatures and wildflowers … ok, maybe I didn’t have to chase the flowers … around the beautiful fall-blooming wildflowers. You might remember an earlier post where I […]

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Fun Friday: Ever Feel Like Someone is Watching You?

Earlier this week, I drove down to Prairie State Park, a beautiful Missouri State Park, to photograph fall wildflowers and some prairie inhabitants. This park is located in southwest Missouri and has a (small) campground. Pitching a tent, I stayed on-site for 2 days, photographing during the early morning and late afternoon hours. I have […]

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Five O’clock Shadow

Today’s post features a Thread-waisted Wasp (Ammophila spp.) that I found in the local prairie meadow. This is a rather peculiar looking wasp, so-named for it’s tiny “waist”, located between it’s abdomen and thorax. The adult wasp feeds on nectar and small insects. In doing some research on this unique insect, I found that the […]

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