Water Web

During a recent kayak outing, I ran upon this interesting spider web that was anchored in a water plant where I kayaked. The web extended downward and actually touched the water (possibly due to the recent heavy rains we’ve received, that have raised the water level) and a nice reflection off the water surface could […]

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How to Properly Build a Web Site

(This post was originally published in September 2010) When I concluded my last prairie meadow photo session, I was leaving the area via the woodland trail. As I walked down the trail, I looked above me and happened to see a Marbled Spider (Araneus marmoreus), which is one of the orb weaver spiders, moving about […]

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Is It Raining? (Re-post)

(This post originally published in September 2010) Another delightful morning in the prairie meadow yesterday. With our recent cold front moving through, the morning temperature was in the high 40’s (°F), but the sky was basically clear with only a few scattered high clouds. When I reached the meadow, I was pleasantly surprised that there […]

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