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at the goose and the gander. Not surprising, one of the most abundant birds we found at Eagle Bluffs CA (central MO) this past weekend was the Canada Goose (Branta canadensis). Considering our unusually warm and mild winter (except for last weekend!), I usually see small groups of the geese anytime I drive away from my wooded home in the countryside.

One of my fave images I captured this last weekend was a group of Canada Geese that were flying overhead and very near to the moon, which had not yet set:


Canada Geese fly by the moon



I waited quite a while for some birds to fly near the moon … several times groups of ducks or geese would seemingly head for the setting moon, but then turn away. But persistence (stubborness?) won out and finally captured this group who were obliging!

Some other in-flight captures of Canada Geese include:


Canada Geese in flight


Canada Geese pair in flight



… and more birds from Eagle Bluffs Conservation Area to come, in subsequent posts!






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