The Fly & The Bubbles

Today’s post is a macro image I took last summer at one of my local conservation areas. The subject was a small fly (unknown genus or species) that was sitting on an American Lotus lilly pad, next to a water droplet that lay on the pad. As I glided past it in the kayak, I stopped, put my 180mm macro lens on my camera body, and took a few images.  Macro images from a kayak can be quite difficult. First, there is no way I can use a tripod in the kayak. Second, most photographers use manual focus to fine-tune the focus of the image. From the kayak, the only possible way is to use autofocus. And not only do you have to worry about movement of the subject, but also “camera shake” and also the kayak movement. So when I shoot macros from the kayak, I shoot lots and lots of images. I increase the ISO (to be able to shoot a bit faster), as well as a lot of variations in the Aperture setting. When it’s all done, I usually get at least a few reasonable images.

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