The Indigo Bunting

When I was done photographing our bluebirds yesterday evening and walking back towards the house, I saw some of our resident Indigo Buntings (Passerina cyanea) actively feeding at our front porch feeders.  So I stopped a ways from the house, set up my tripod and photographed them for a short while.

The Indigo Buntings are not new to us; we see many of them along our country roads where we live.  However, to have them feeding on our front porch is a new thing for us.  Our first Indigo Buntings began feeding at our niger feeder last summer, but only one pair.  This year, we have at least 3 pairs of them at our feeders.  What a joy to have these colorful little birds on our front porch everyday!  Normally, the Indigo Bunting will forage on the ground and in low foliage for insects, weed seeds, berries, and grains.  They are similar in size to the American Goldfinch and oh, so colorful!

Here are a couple of images I took yesterday:

Indigo Bunting, male


Indigo Bunting, female

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