The Wild & Wonderful Hyacinth!

Today’s post is another wildflower from my newly discovered prairie near my house. I’m featuring the Wild Hyacinth (Camassia scilloides) today.  When I found this wildflower a couple of weeks ago, it was a “lifer” for me.  I was engrossed with it’s beauty, standing nearly 2 feet tall and loaded with blooms.  The Wild Hyacinth can live in various habitats in Missouri: prairies, rocky slopes, ledges, and low, rich woods.  The flowers are white to bluish-white, fragrant, and can have as many as 20 flowers on long flower stalks up to 2 feet tall.  The root of the plant is a bulb which was eaten by native Indians.  Below are a couple of images I made of the Wild Hyacinth:

A Wild Hyacinth plant with flowers and unopened flower buds 


A close-up of the individual plant’s flowers

I was back out at the prairie on Tuesday afternoon, and the Wild Hyacinths, as well as many of the other wildflowers that had been blooming, had already faded away.  But there were tons of new wildflowers that are getting ready to bloom.  I noticed many milkweed plants, so hopefully we’ll have lots of Monarch Butterflies at this prairie location.  Also, a lot of unidentified wildflowers are preparing to bloom.  Stay tuned for more images as the prairie develops!

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