The Woodies Are Back in Town!

For the past several weeks, I have seen very few Wood Ducks (Aix sponsa) during my kayak outings. On a typical spring outing, I will see many wood ducks … some single drakes (males) and hens (females), some groups of drakes or groups of hens, and often mated pairs. But this year has been very slow. I have seen some, but not the numbers I am used to seeing. However, on a kayak outing last week, I did see some small groups of wood ducks as I kayaked. Here is a small group of 3 wood duck drakes that I got reasonably close to:

Wood Duck drakes resting on a downed log in the creek


Wood ducks, particularly the drakes, are one of my favorite waterfowl species that I like to photograph. They are so brightly colored! But they are usually pretty difficult to approach, mainly since they are hunted in this area (during the fall, open hunting season). But I always look forward to seeing their arrival back in the area in spring … when you see the woodies, you know spring is here!

If you like the Wood Ducks, keep an eye out for this week’s “Fun Friday” post … I have an inkling they may show up again! :o)



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