“They’re Lining Up …

… to hitch a ride in Rubber Duckie”. With rain a big part of the last 3 days (and more forecast for tomorrow), I’ve been working indoors doing the less fun activities associated with a nature photography business … filing, logbooks, records, etc. On one of my breaks from the office area, I went into the kitchen to grab something to drink.  I looked outside and saw this Red-tailed Hawk (Buteo jamaicensis) sitting on top of my pickup truck, with “Rubber Duckie” (my kayak) in the truck’s bed:

Red-tailed Hawk sitting on my truck at the house (kayak in back)

“Oh, boy … I’m first in line!”

It seems like all kinds of critters are trying to hitch a ride in the kayak this year: Diamondback Water Snakes, Raccoons, River Otters, and now this hawk! So, folks, if you want to catch a ride in the kayak, you better hurry … they’re lining up!

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