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The other day I was inside the house and my wife was outside, working in one of our gardens we have next to the house. I heard a “peck, peck” on the window, so I turned to see her motioning me to come outside, while telling me to bring my camera. I grabbed the camera and headed outside. She had found a large spider on the garden structure. Setting my tripod up, I moved in and focused on the spider. As I was shooting it, which looked quite fuzzy in appearance, I noted that there was a lot of movement on the spider’s abdomen. As I moved in closer, I saw that there were lots of very small, baby spiders on her back. As she moved around, I could also see an egg sac that was attached to her belly. Here is an image I grabbed:

Wolf Spider with young on back

And here is the same image, cropped/enlarged so that the babies can be more easily seen:

Wolf Spider with young on back - enlarged

As for identification, this is a Wolf Spider (Lycosa spp.), which are plentiful in my area. The Wolf Spider female attaches an egg sac to her abdomen, which she carries around with her until the eggs hatch. The young then climb on momma’s back and ride around with her until they can fend for themselves, usually up to 2 weeks.

Seems like an awful lot of spider activity in my area lately … another indication that summer is coming to an end and fall is just around the corner!

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