Trying Something New

Today’s post is not so much about nature photography as it is about nature-attracting plants. Earlier this spring I purchased a couple of Angel’s Trumpet plants (Datura) to add to my butterfly garden. These beauties are known as a host plant for the hummingbird moth. Since I’ve seen a few hummingbird moths in my garden the past couple of years, I decided to put out a couple to see if I can attract even more to the garden.

Being a new plant for me, I’m not real versed in growing this plant. I do understand that this is typically an annual plant where I live. But I’ve also heard that you can successfully overwinter them indoors. Do you have experience with this? If so, I’d love to hear from you on how to do this.

Here are a couple of quick-grab photos I captured of one of the plants in bloom:

Angel's Trumpet

Angel's Trumpet

Coming up … more nature images from my February Florida outing.



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