“Wet ‘Rat'”

While in the kayak yesterday, this Common Muskrat (Ondatra zibethicus) was active. He would swim from his den, built into the bank, to a patch of American Lotus. Here, he would cut down a stalk and take it back to his den. During one of his trips out of the den, he swam right up to the kayak, even brushing against it as he went by. I shot several images of him as he approached … the shutter sound did not phase this little guy. My minimum focus distance with the 100-400mm lens is ~1.8 meters, so that is about the distance he was from me when I shot this frame:

Muskrat close-up

I must admit, these “wet rats” are not the most glorious animal, but they sure are fun to watch as they swim about … always busy and always on a mission! 

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