“Where’s Jimmy?”

With this blog post, I’m gonna play a little game with my blog readers. This game is called “Where’s Jimmy” and is patterned after the great “Where’s Waldo?” cartoons. Here is what the game is all about:  I am currently on a photo trip and I’m going to post 1 image a day from my trip. It is your job to determine where I’m at! No clues, no hinting around … just some images being made along my trip. I will start with images that I think will be harder to identify the exact location I am at, and will post progressively “easier” images as the days go by … until someone identifies the location of my shoot. Then, I will post some more images of that location, along with some narrative that accompanies the image or location. I will be at several different locations, but will not waver from one location until someone “finds” me. Sound like fun? Well, let’s get started with the first image. And, if you are one of the very few people that I told about my trip, please refrain from giving the answer and let’s see how quick my readers are on US travel & geography! By the way, all images are being edited on my ancient laptop with poor quality screen, so hopefully I can edit them satisfactorily … I will be re-editing all images on my Sony 23-inch screen when I return home, and will replace all my trip post images:

By the way, while I’m away for this shoot, my brother is house-sitting for me. It was quite a chore to get him to come out to my place, but finally coaxed him into it. Well, got a phone call from him earlier and my “30-second instructions” on our home alarm system was apparently for naught … he managed to set the alarm off twice during the night, by getting up and forgetting it was turned on!!! I told him I wasn’t going to tell anyone, anymore, that I was related to him!  :o)

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