Where’s Waldo?

Yesterday, I spent some quality time in the woods of one of my neighbors. I photographed woodland wildflowers in this area a couple of times last spring, but had never took my telephoto lenses there for wildlife. After recently witnessing my “life bird”, the Golden-crowned Kinglet, at one of my other friend’s wooded area, I thought I’d check out this newer area for any wintering birds. My day ended with several neat finds.  Here is my first find:

Brown Creeper camouflaged against tree trunk

What? Didn’t see the bird?  Here, maybe this will help:

Brown Creeper on tree trunk (marked)

This is a Brown Creeper (Certhia americana). I found several of these little, camouflaged guys yesterday. Here is the same image, cropped a bit to make it bigger:

Brown Creeper on tree trunk

And here is another Brown Creeper I found in the woods yesterday:

Brown Creeper on tree trunk

Next post:  more birds from yesterday’s outing.

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