White-tailed Deer

While at Squaw Creek NWR a couple of weeks ago, we ran into quite a few White-tailed Deer (Odocoileus virginianus). In this encounter, we were driving on the refuge’s auto tour route, on the backside of the refuge. To our right was the large expanse of water, with ducks, geese and bald eagles. To our left, there is a deep ditch that follows along, next to the road. On top of the ditch were a couple of White-tailed Deer, a mom and a young deer. As I pulled the car to the edge of the road, mom strolled over the embankment and out of sight. But the young deer gave us a cautious look and then continued grazing:

Young Deer grazing

After a couple of minutes, Mom reappeared to check on her little one:

Young Deer with Mom

Seeing that everything was ok, Mom went back to grazing. We sat there for another 5 minutes, capturing more images of the little one:

Young Deer grazing

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