Who’s Yur Daddy?

Day 2 of Squaw Creek NWR photo shoot is in the books. Had a wonderful day yesterday. Tons of Snow Geese when we arrived early in the morning … and lots of hungry Bald Eagles, often fighting over food. Even ran into quite a lot of Trumpeter Swans, one group had at least 47 swans mixed with Mallard and Blue-winged Teal and Canada Geese. I should have some nice posts of these coming up next week.

While we were photographing the bald eagle activity, a rather strange sight developed in front of us. A Canada Goose swam nearby, followed by about a dozen Snow Geese. As the Canada Goose swam around the refuge waters, the Snow Geese were right on his tail, following everywhere the Canada Goose went! Makes you wonder if they thought they were following dad around the ole swimmin’ hole. So this is my fun foto for the day :o)

Canada Goose leading Snow Geese

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