Wildflowers of Crater Lake

As we left Crater Lake, walking down the trail, we came upon 3 wildflowers that we had not seen around Maroon Lake. The first one was one of my favorites, Blue Columbine, a beautiful but dainty-looking wildflower:


Blue Columbine



The next one we found was Indian Paintbrush, which grew in small clumps in one area of the trail:


Indian Paintbrush



And the last one, not a wildflower, but a showy shrub-like plant with attached fruit, has not been identified (if you know what it is, I’d appreciate knowing!). Not only a showy shrub, but some of the area wildlife seemed to really love the fruit, especially the California Chipmunks!


Unidentified shrub, with fruit



I believe this post concludes the highlights of the hike to Crater Lake. I do have a few more wildlife images I’m going to share from the Maroon Bells area, but first I’m going to post some more recent photos that I’ve taken around my home. I’ll share those with tomorrow’s post.

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