Yellowstone’s Keppler Cascades

 After reaching the Old Faithful Snow Lodge, we unloaded and checked into the lodge. The next day, we awoke to a frigid -38°F! After an early breakfast, we boarded another snowcoach, this time a Bombardier special … a very different snowcoach than the van conversion model that got us to Old Faithful. The Bombardier was an instant hit with all of us … much faster and smoother-riding than the other coach. Plus, we all sat in a “U” formation, allowing us to have some pleasant conversations as we drove the snow-covered roads of Yellowstone.

Today’s trip was an all-day trip to West Thumb, a scenic thermal area that adjoins Yellowstone Lake. But on our way to West Thumb, we stopped at Keppler Cascades. I had been here in the fall of 2009, but it looked much different in the midst of winter!


Keppler Cascades (Yellowstone NP) in winter 


Here is a closeup view of the Cascades. As you can see, much of the area is frozen with ornamental icicles and eerie formations, but if you look in the center of the image, you can see some water is still running:


Closeup of Keppler Cascades (Yellowstone NP) in winter 


And surrounding the Keppler Cascades overlook were some pine trees with snow-covered pine cones:


Pine Cones at Keppler Cascades (Yellowstone NP) lookout deck


Tomorrow’s post will include some winter scenics from West Thumb, our primary destination on today’s snowcoach trip. 


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