Fun Friday: The Dance of Joy!

Sandhill Crane jumping with joy

On my last full day along the Platte River, I continued my quest to capture some decent video of the Sandhill Cranes as they danced and jumped about in the cornfields. For the past few mornings, they would be dancing/jumping when I stopped the car on the roadway. But after pulling my camera up, they would stop! But today … finally! With time runnin’ out, I managed to find a large group of cranes that were having a lot of fun in the fields. Their behavior is downright awesome to watch … bowing to another bird, then a high leap into the air. I could just “feel” their enthusiasm for the new spring, and for life!

Here is a short video I captured of their cornfield behavior:

Photographic Equipment Used:

  • Canon 5D Mark 3 body
  • Canon EF 100-400mm, f/4.5-5.6 IS lens, with Canon 1.4x TC, shot at 560mm
  • Handheld, shot from the car window to prevent frightening the birds
  • ISO 3200
  • Aperture not recorded
  • Shutter not recorded



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