“Let’s Play Doctor (Part 2)”

Continuing from yesterday’s post (“Let’s Play Doctor (Part 1)”), I concluded that post with a Gila wild stallion rushing towards the newborn foal:     Seeing the stallion approaching her newborn foal, momma rushed in and began to kick at the stallion:     With that reception, the Gila stallion galloped off to join the […]

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“Let’s Play Doctor (Part 1)”

Today’s post is a story of an experience we had one morning with the Gila wild horse herd. This experience lasted for several hours and includes a lot of photos, so I will cover this experience over 2-3 posts. While photographing the Gila wild horse herd, one of the photographers in our group came upon […]

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Today’s post is about the wild horses of the Gila herd. It began in 1996, when ISPMB was notified about a proposed removal of approximately 75 wild horses that were located near Gila Bend, Arizona. These wild horses were not protected by the 1971 Wild Horse and Burro Act and therefore were going to be […]

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“White Sands”

Yesterday I posted on the “Catnip” wild horse herd. Today’s post is about the “White Sands” herd. A total of 70 wild horses were transported from the harsh sands of the White Sands Missile Range (WSMR) in New Mexico to the lush, green pastures of South Dakota. In 1999, this transfer culminated a ten year […]

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Today’s post is about the Catnip herd of wild horses I photographed during my recent trip to South Dakota. But before I get to the images, here is a little background on the horses. The horses photographed during my recent trip were roaming on acreage owned and maintained by the ISPMB (International Society for the […]

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Jumping for Joy!

Today’s “Fun Friday” post comes from close to my heart. Just a week ago, we were among 3 different herds of rescued wild horses, enjoying their company and photographing them in the beautiful rolling hills of northern South Dakota. The young foal in today’s post was born into the Gila herd just recently and in […]

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Cliff Hanger

The main reason for my recent photo trip to South Dakota was to photograph some rescued wild horses from the West. I’m currently editing the several days (and many, many) images made of them. I should have a post ready very soon. So I’m going to feature another interesting time with the Badlands’ Bighorn Sheep […]

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Little Bighorn

Yesterday, I posted on some wonderful wildflowers of the Badlands NP. Today’s post, also from the Badlands, features a small group of Bighorn Sheep lambs (Ovis canadensis) that put on quite a show for us one day. On our second day in the park, we rounded a corner and found some Bighorn Sheep ewes among […]

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Wildflowers in the Badlands

During my recent photo trip to South Dakota, I found several species of wildflowers in bloom. The predominant one I found was Missouri Milkvetch (Astragalus missouriensis), a native wildflower that was seen in many areas of the eastern part of the park. This was a new wildflower species for me and it certainly gave the […]

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The Badlands’ Bighorns

While in the Badlands NP, we were excited to see some of the park’s Bighorn Sheep (Ovis canadensis). In fact, we saw two different herds on both days we were there. One herd was pretty skittish and would not stay near the roadways when humans were near, but the other herd was not at all intimidated […]

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