Lunch Creek

Driving Glacier NP’s Going-to-the-Sun Road, I encountered numerous waterfalls dropping out of the mountainsides. One such area, Lunch Creek, has the water streaming down the mountainside, then under the road, and resuming on down the mountain. This is a pretty popular pullout area, so photographing here was difficult, as it always seemed people were around the water. But I did catch a short reprieve and captured a couple of images as the water approached the road:

Lunch Creek, Glacier NP

Lunch Creek, Glacier NP


I always like to photograph running streams and short waterfalls in a dreamy, ethereal look. To get that look, you need to shoot with a very slow shutter speed (thus, a tripod is required), a slow ISO setting and a very small aperture. And even then, as in the above images, the ethereal look is only partially shown. To accomplish what I really wanted, I needed to use a neutral density filter; using these filters will result in even slower shutter speeds. But with the high number of visitors to the area, I didn’t have the time to set up with the filters. So, I had to shoot the best I could (ISO 50, aperture f/29, shutter speed 1/13 sec.). I was just on the brink of getting the desired result … close, but no cigar!





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