Boy Scout Memorabilia Gifts

Boy Scout Memorabilia Gifts

Are you a Boy Scout? Is someone in your family a Boy Scout? By request from an Eagle Scout mother, I have produced some memorabilia gifts suitable for Boy Scouts. Currently, I have a couple of Bald Eagle prints available. The first print is a standard print of the Boy Scout Oath overlaid on a photo of a soaring bald eagle. The second print is a personalized version of the first print. Personalization includes the Boy Scout’s Name, Troop# and Town/State. Currently, these prints are being sold unframed. I am currently working on making framed prints available.

My prints are professionally made:

  • turnaround time is typically one week
  • prints are printed on high quality paper
  • a special coating is added to help prevent fading and degradation due to UV light
  • prints are reviewed for quality by the photographer, prior to being shipped to the customer

Examples of the two currently available prints are shown below:


8×10 Print ($25.00 + shipping)

11×14 Print ($50.00 + shipping)



8×10 Personalized Print ($30.00 + shipping)

11×14 Personalized Print ($55.00 +Shipping)