Nature Photography Workshops

Nature Photography Workshops

Show-Me Nature Photography is pleased to announce that I am again planning on conducting photo workshops in 2016. These workshops vary in length, from a half-day to several days, depending on the location, itinerary, and subject matter. Photo Workshops are a great way to learn how to make better nature images. There is a one-on-one interaction in the field, and on longer workshops we will have classroom sessions on such topics as correct exposure, composition, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom/Adobe Photoshop, and photography tips and techniques. Listed below are some of the 2016 workshops I’ve identified:


2016 Photographic Workshops

  • “Photographing Bald Eagles” – I will be conducting a 3-day workshop, photographing wintering Bald Eagles along the Mississippi River, in mid-January 2016. Bald Eagles have always been one of my favorite photographic subjects. Opportunities on this workshop exist for photographing bald eagles perched in trees, but the main focus will be on eagles fishing in the waters of the Mississippi River. This past year, we also had a single, American White Pelican fishing among the eagles, and several groups of ducks would often make a brief appearance. The home base for this workshop will be in the LeClair, Iowa area, and begins on Sunday evening, January 17, with a group classroom session where I will share information for capturing the best eagle images, including exposure tips and a slideshow of some of my bald eagle images from this area in 2015.  We will shoot on Monday, January 18 thru Wednesday, January 20, with the workshop ending in the evening on the 20th. The cost for the workshop is $225, and includes in-the-field photography assistance and evening classes with image critiques, assistance with editing in Lightroom and Photoshop, and photography techniques. Weather permitting, we will shoot from sunrise to sunset. Not included in the price of this workshop are travel to/from our Iowa location, meals, and motel cost. I will need a $50 non-refundable deposit to hold your spot, with the balance due when we meet for our January 17 meeting (if the workshop cancels due to weather or insufficient bald eagle activity, you will receive 100% refund). I am limiting this workshop to a maximum of 4 attendees (but reserve the right to increase to 6 photographers, if some of the attendees are more experienced photographers). For more information, or to sign up, please e-mail me ( or phone me at (816) 619-2455. Once signed up and deposit received, I will send you further information (location directions, motel choices, equipment list, etc.

– To see some of my 2015 bald images from this area, click on this link:  “Wintering Bald Eagles 2016”

– Status:  1 opening


  • “Woodland ‘Watch and Learn’ Wildflowers” – These popular, 3-hour photo workshops are gaining popularity. We will meet at a designated location in Cass County and photograph spring woodland wildflowers growing on private land in wooded areas. Wildflower varieties will include Bluebells, Dog-toothed Violets, Dutchman’s Breeches, Violets, Columbine, Jack-in-the-Pulpit, and other assorted spring woodland wildflowers, depending on the current activity. I will be shooting alongside you, which gives you the opportunity to watch how I photograph these woodland beauties. I will then be available to watch/help you as you learn the techniques that will improve your wildflower photography. Attendance will be limited to no more than 5 students, but will run with 1 or with 5 attendees. Cost for these workshops is $25.00 (with a discounted rate for these workshops after the initial workshop you attend (within the same season)). I will add dates to this page when wildflowers are actively growing. If you are interested, please e-mail me ( or call me (816-619-2455) and I will put you on my “short list” of workshop notices so you will know as soon as I schedule them.


  • “Native Missouri Wildflowers and Prairie Creatures” – I will be conducting half-day workshops on a couple of different Cass County (Missouri) prairies, throughout the growing season as wildflowers begin blooming. We will photograph a variety of prairie wildflower species, as well as miscellaneous insects that are drawn to the prairie wildflowers (butterflies, dragonflies/damselflies, bees/wasps, spiders/webs, etc.). Emphasis will be on capturing macro images. Cost for these local workshops (lasting ~ 3 hours) is $25.00 per person. These workshops will run with 1 or with 6 attendees. If interested, please e-mail me ( or call me (816-619-2455) and I will put you on my “short list” of workshop notices so you will know as soon as I schedule them.


  • “The Natural Beauty of Prairie State Park” – I hope to conduct a couple of full-day workshops at the wonderful Prairie State Park, located in southwest Missouri in mid-to-late summer. We will photograph a variety of wildflower species, as well as beautiful butterflies that are drawn to them. Other potential subjects include coyotes, deer, free-roaming bison, and Northern harrier hawks, all surrounded by a brilliant display of native wildflowers! (Elk are also present, but rarely seen) Dates and times will be added here, once the wildflowers are actively growing.


  • “Stars, Meteors and the Milky Way” – I am currently working on setting up a workshop for photographing our magnificent summer skies, including the Perseids meteor shower, the Milky Way and star points/star trails. This will be scheduled to coincide with the spectacular Perseids meteor shower (August). More details to follow, as I get this organized.


Workshop Attendees’ Photo Gallery

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To see some of the images that were captured during my workshops by attendees, please click on this link:

Attendees’ Images