Fun Friday: “You Tourists are Boring Me!”

Today’s “Fun Friday” post comes from along the Crater Lake Trail, in Colorado’s Maroon Bells area. As Adam and I hiked back down the mountain from Crater Lake, we had this cute little Pika that was very patient with us, sitting on a rock, watching us, and yawning! Here is a sequence that shows the relaxed attention he was giving us:


Pika sitting on rock

Pika yawning

Pika yawning

Pika yawning

Pika on rock, finishing his "yawn"


Most of the pikas we had seen were very skittish, running for the safety of the rocks when we got very close. But this little guy must have been more used to visitors than most. He was sitting on a rock on one side of the trail. When we saw him, and he seemed to be content with us being there, we simply got off the trail on the opposite side and found a large rock to sit on and photograph his activity. Goes to show that you just never know how the wildlife will react to you being there!

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