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Breakfast is Now Served

Today’s post features an image I captured while visiting the Sherburne NWR, in Minnesota, a few years ago. While cruising around the refuge, I found this adult Common Loon as it fished and fed a young loon in one of the refuge pools: Canon 1D Mark 3 camera body + Canon 500mm, f/4 IS lens […]

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Here a Cow, There a Cow …

… Everywhere a Cow-Cow! Today’s post features a bull elk that was photographed while searching for cows in estrus, to add to his harem. During the annual elk rut, the bulls will frequently pause to sniff the air. If he smells a cow in estrus, he will work at rounding her up for his harem.

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Ya Ready?

It won’t be long until signs of spring are showing all around us! The recent warm temperatures have caused me to suffer “spring fever”! One of the early signs of spring that I usually see is the appearance of Spring Beauty wildflowers that add a wonderful bit of color to the Missouri woodland landscape: Canon […]

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That First Step is a Dilly!

Today’s post features an image I captured at the top of Mount Evans, Colorado, a few years ago. While wandering around at the summit of Mount Evans, I found this Mountain Goat as it seemingly was pondering his next step. These sure-footed mammals can traverse nearly any terrain … even those that are pretty vertical! […]

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Pot of Gold

Today’s post features a fall colors image I captured outside my kitchen window during the recent fall color change at the Lake of the Ozarks (Missouri). As all the trees were transitioning into fall colors, a rainstorm hit. When the rain was over, I walked past the kitchen window and found this beautiful sight: Sorry […]

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Off the Beaten Trail

Today’s post features a panorama that I made during one of my fall color hikes at the Lake of the Ozarks. On this day, I got off the main trail and walked through some woods, until it opened up with this scene: Like I said previously, this is one of the best years for fall […]

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