Prayers, Please!

First, I want to say that you may have not seen any new posts from me lately.  Last week, I traveled to Des Moines, Iowa, for the “2016 Artsfest Midwest: the Other Art Show”, which was held this past weekend. When I drove up to Des Moines, I had multiple images prepared for blog posts. The problem was my hotel had super undependable internet service, so I was unable to post for the couple of days leading up to the art show. And with the following information, I want to let you know that I will not be posting new posts for a little while, as I’m sure you will understand.

Yesterday (Sunday, June 26), my wife Karen had an unfortunate event at the art show, with her heart getting into a “frenzied” beating, causing blood to not be pumped to her brain. Subsequently, she passed out and had multiple cardiac arrests. After receiving several shocks from an AED (automated electronic defibrillator) that was available at the show auditorium, she was transported to a local hospital, receiving two additional shocks on the way.  In the emergency room, breathing stopped and CPR was administered for a short time, before she regained her breathing.

Following emergency care there, she was moved to a Critical Care Unit where she is now on a ventillator, with tubes down here throat and nose, and is being sedated with both paralytic drugs (to prevent muscle contractions/movements) and sedation (to prevent awakening). She also was introduced to hypothermic cooling, via a “cooling vest”, to lower her body core and brain temperatures.

What happens next? She undergoes hypothermic cooling for 24 hours (which ended today at 12:00 noon) and her body temperature is now being very slowly raised back to normal temperature. This process will take several hours … well into this evening, and maybe into the morning. Once her body temperature is back to normal, the paralytic drugs will be slowly eliminated from her system, followed by elimination of the sedatives. At that point, we will begin to know more about her condition … can she breathe on her own? can she respond to external stimuli? is her brain activity ok?  Lots of questions to get answered! And the doctors are telling me it could be 24-72 hours before we really know the answers.

As this is being published, her body temperature has risen a bit, but still many hours of warming to go, before the drugs can be weened. In the meantime, I ask for your prayers for Karen. She is a strong-willed person, but a little divine help is strongly encouraged! I am doing ok … not a lot of sleep and cramped in the hospital. But my focus is on getting Karen well again. If you have it in your heart, please say a little prayer for Karen! Thanks much :o)

I also want to publicly thank all the EMT’s, art show volunteers, the art show sponsors, and all the wonderful hospital personnel (we’re in Mercy Hospital, with everyone doing a wonderful job with Karen). And all the wonderful artists at the show who not only ran my booth for me while I was at the hospital, but who also took up a collection to help cover associated hospital costs, and so graciously assisted with the teardown and loadup of my booth displays after the show. And for all the “best wishes” directly communicated to me. And all the prayers that have already been sent for Karen’s health. I think my experiences with so many wonderful people at the show/hospital have given me a new, positive outlook on how wonderful people can be to each other!  Thank you, to all my friends and followers!



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  • Wendy and Cookie

    Dearest Jim…

    I don’t have the right words…I am so very sorry to hear of Karen’s condition and to feel the distress so obviously..My goodness..she has all the prayers available to me .. that’s a Universe full and into Forever for all of us :) <3 and I will keep my attention on Karen coming back to full recovery…sending you both loving and healing energy, so she will be taking many more photo's of you photographing squirrels etc! that is such a sweet pic…

    I had some brain trauma in 2003 also and here I am to tell the tale..happy and honorary as ever ;) with a gratitude for life beyond what I had previously thought could not be surpassed….

    I will send healing energy…I have a little knowledge in this direction and will see Karen healed and happy again in your world together…put your focus on the desired outcome..something simple like you guys going for a walk a bit later on and saying as you hold hands with smiles on your faces and breathing in the good clean air of a natural place.." We made it…quietly..and with the most loving of smiles between you both" <3 :)

    The energy field surrounding all living things here has different layers to it..not auras..bands of energy..I can see them from time to time..The healing colour is ultra violet blue…it is our body in Spirit just before it descends into mass….all healing occurs from that level and I strongly advise you focus on that colour around Karen's body and brain..its no hokey pokey new age nonsense..I've seen it often and know many who have healed themselves by engaging this frequency…Not hard at all, just see her surrounded by ultra violet blue is our perfect 'blue print' as it were.. where she is whole and perfect…it will over ride the distress she is experiencing and bring her peace and healing…may take a bit,.. but it WILL work…I offer this from personal experience…the cells of her physical body will respond to come back to a place of harmony and wellness…

    I send you my love Jim and strength and courage and a whole lot of energy too so you may stay centered and even..and get some rest…My email is if you want an extra buddy as you guys walk to the other side of this…Bless you for finding the time and energy to keep us posted at such an overwhelming time..

    ((((((((((((( Karen is healed a well )))))))))))))))))) love you Karen.. (((((((((((( Jim )))))))) love you Jim ..hang in's going to be OK xoxoxoxoxoxox Oh Cookie sends purrs and says best to be tucked away somewhere quiet over July 4th w/end! :) <3 purr purr xox

  • Thinking of you both, Jim.

  • lovedarmywife

    Jim, I am sorry for all your worries. Karen is, as you say, a strong woman. She has endured much and will endure more. I am praying. God is good. All the time.

  • SkyHawker4

    Oh Jim! My heartfelt prayers are close to Karen and you during this difficult time!! I have not been on line for a while-but seeing this had to tell you how my heart mind and spirit are very close. I am praying along with all your family and friends! God is holding you both in His Loving Arms-Amen!