First Freeze, Part 1

This past Saturday morning, Missouri experienced it’s first hard freeze of 2014. Temperatures early Saturday morning were in the low to mid 20’s and frost covered most outdoor plants. Grabbing my camera and tripod, I spend a cold morning photographing some of the frost-covered plants in my rural Missouri gardens. In Part 1 of this series, I am featuring one of several Aster wildflower plants that are (were!) still blooming.

This first image is a simple macro photograph, using a very shallow depth of field (DOF) with my macro lens:

Aster covered with frost

Wanting to get more of the plant/frost in focus, I shot a series of 11 images, while varying the focusing point throughout the flower. Later, using Helicon Focus software, I combined these 11 images into a single image:

Aster covered with frost

Any way you spell it, frost on a flower is an awesome sight! Followup posts will feature some more plants photographed on this very cold morning.  :o)

Photographic Equipment Used:

  • Canon 5D Mark 3 body
  • Canon EF180mm, f/3.5 macro lens
  • Bogen 3221 tripod with Graff Studioball SB-QR ballhead
  • ISO 400
  • Aperture f/3.5 (all images)
  • Shutter 1/60 sec. (all images)
  • The bottom image was made by “focus stacking” 11 individual images (each with a different focusing point on the flower), then combining them in Helicon Focus software



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