“Fun Friday: Between a Rock and a Hard Place”

Today’s “Fun Friday” post is a preview of upcoming blog posts. After I left Maroon Bells (Colorado), I traveled to Echo Lake campground, located at the base of Mount Evans. I camped here for 4 nights and made numerous trips up the Mount Evans Highway. I was able to experience and photograph many different mammals, along with a few birds and some fantastic scenery.

But back to today’s post. On my first trek up the mountain, I stopped at Summit Lake, where I ran into a small group of Mountain Goat ewes, along with their ~1-month old kids, and a few yearling goats. As I watched and photographed, this one young kid must have been ancy to get back to the mountainside. He proceeded to climb among a few of the large boulders that were lying on the ground, while mom and his siblings foraged on the ground. Junior managed to get himself into a rather peculiar predicament, perched between 2 different boulders. He wasn’t in any real danger, and I’m sure he was well under control, but the look he gave was “priceless” :o)


Mountain Goat kid, playing on some large boulders



If you enjoyed this post, check back next week when I begin posting some of the many images I made during my 4 days on Mount Evans.  :o)

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