Fun Friday: Where’s My Readers?

Today’s “Fun Friday” post comes from the Lunch Creek area of Glacier National Park (Montana) during my recent trip. I pulled over at the Lunch Creek parking area so I could check out and photograph the wildflowers and waterfall there. Once I exited the car and headed to the waterfall, I noticed this mature Hoary Marmot that was sitting on some rocks overlooking the parking lot.

When I returned to the parking area, the marmot was busy checking out the 3 cars that were in the parking area. I’ve had the Yellow-bellied Marmots at Mt. Evans (Colorado) do the same thing. They like to check out the undercarriages of the vehicles; I suspect they are looking for minerals that have accumulated on the underneath portion of the cars.

As I put away my tripod and landscape lenses, and grabbed my telephoto/wildlife camera, another car pulled into the parking lot. As soon as the occupants of the car left, the marmot hustled over to the front of the car and got right in front of the license plate, standing right up to the plate, as if to read the information on the plate:

Hoary Marmot checking out a car

There will be more marmot images shared soon, but this comical, “Fun Friday” image just begged to be shared today!

Photographic Equipment Used:

  • Canon 7D Mark II body
  • Canon 100-400mm, f/4.5-5.6 IS lens, shot at 105mm
  •  Handheld, with IS “On”
  • ISO 400
  • Aperture f/4.5
  • Shutter 1/800 sec.



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