In Your Face …

 … with snow. Having traveled to Yellowstone recently, I felt I had to post some of the obligatory images of bison with snow on their faces … the iconic images a lot of us picture when we hear “Yellowstone in the winter”.

With snow amounts heavy in Yellowstone, it is hard for the grazing animals to find food. The bison use their huge heads to “sweep” snow away, allowing them access to any grasses that may lie below the snow. Consequently, the snow often adheres to their faces, giving a clown-like appearance. Here are a few of my favorite “bison with snow on the face” images from this trip:

Bison with snow on face

And this next bison has ice in his hair:

Bison with snow & ice on face

Not to be outdone, Junior shows his snowy face:

Bison calf with snow on face

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