Mega Goose, an Encore

(This post originally published in December 2010).

During one of my winter trips to Squaw Creek NWR in NW Missouri, I spent quite a bit of time photographing the Snow Geese, especially when they were landing. To get the best possible images, I tried to get the sun to my backside (as much as possible) and also had the wind at my back. If you photograph birds very much, you probably know that birds always take off and land into the wind, whenever possible. So by placing the wind at my back, I was able to shoot the geese head-on as they landed. And by having the sun at my back, better light on the subject. This post’s image is a fun image, one of those that you don’t plan for!

"Mega" Snow Goose


Rest assured, this is not a mutant goose, coming to take over the world! As I was photographing incoming Snow Geese, there happened to be one goose, right on another’s tail, and when I depressed the shutter button, the trailing goose was lined up perfectly with the leading goose and you could only see the 2 feet and the 2 wings of the trailing goose … the birth of Mega Goose! But ya gotta love it! :o)



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