Revisiting Blue Ice Fields

(I’m at the Lee’s Summit Art Festival today (the last day of the festival), meeting more wonderful nature-lovers and displaying my artwork. If you live in the Kansas City area, please stop by and say “Hi”. Yesterday, I met many great folks and enjoyed a wonderful weather day (low 60’s, sunny and just a gentlest of breezes!), and a huge increase in sales. If you’re in the Kansas City area and looking for something to do on another fine, fall day, stop by and we can talk nature! Meanwhile, in my social media absence, please enjoy an encore of one of my favorite Alaska posts, which originally published in October 2011). I should be back on social media on Monday morning!

Today’s post is the first of a couple of posts from the scenic jetboat trip the members of the workshop group took to LeConte Glacier. Most of the trip was in a light rain and total cloudy conditions. But viewing glaciers and glacial ice is best done in these conditions … with no direct sunlight falling onto the ice, the blue colors intensify and really show through!

As we approached LeConte Bay, the bay we would travel to get to LeConte Glacier, blue icefields appeared before us:

Blue Ice as we approach LeConte Glacier, Alaska

Taking our time, our guide throttled back the jetboat and we began cruising very slowly past some beautiful, natural ice sculptures:

Blue Ice in LeConte Bay, Alaska

Blue Ice in LeConte Bay, Alaska

Blue Ice in LeConte Bay, Alaska

Closeup of Blue Ice in LeConte Bay, Alaska

Blue Ice in LeConte Bay, Alaska

As we cruised further and further into the bay, and getting closer to the face of LeConte Glacier, we began seeing Harbor Seals (Phoca vitulina):

Harbor Seal watching us

But this was only one of hundreds of Harbor Seals we would have the pleasure of seeing! In tomorrow’s post, I’ll share more wildlife images made in this spectacular Ice Kingdom!




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