Scattering At Sunset

Today, I’m featuring two more recently converted digital files (from a 35mm slide). These images were captured at the Squaw Creek NWR (now called Loess Bluffs NWR) in northwest Missouri:

Snow Geese Activity during sunset

Snow Geese Activity during sunset

When I lived in the Kansas City area, I visited this wonderful refuge often. And many of the trips included outrageous sunrises/sunsets, like the one featured today. During the winter bird migration, snow geese and bald eagles are typically present, in high numbers.

This image was captured pre-2004, when I was still shooting 35mm slides. I recently began converting some of those slides to digital files. It will take some time to convert my many slides, but I will be featuring some of my fond memories of early nature photography with you, as I get them converted.

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